Communications Business

The Networking Double Check

September 4th, 2017

Networking is a skill and art. It takes time to perfect and master it for true excellence and productivity. Savvy networkers can create a checklist or set of networking “do’s” before attending each event or encounter to make the most of their efforts. Double checking this list can be beneficial to your success.

There are several benefits to have a strategic method for applying your networking practices:

1. It outlines a goal (starting and ending point).

2. Establishes a vision and/or mission for your networking agenda.

3. It creates metrics for identifying and benchmarking activities.

4. It keeps you focused and intentional in your endeavors.

5. It is a viable and practical way of expanding your networks.

In the process of creating a checklist to make sure you are on task. Consider these options:

1. What is your reason(s) for attending the networking event?

2. Who do you hope or want to meet?

3. How can this move you forward in your networking goals?

4. What is the best and most effective ways of following up?

5. How can I use this process to build a productive network of individuals?

Last but not least, it is important to evaluate your process and make sure that it is yielding you desired results. In order to do this, it is essential to have a networking business plan. Create a step by step strategy which ensures that your networking efforts are aligned to your goal, vision, objectives, etc. Also, consult colleagues, friends or mentors for additional insight and advice. As always, do not leave your networking up to chance. Stay consistent and professional in all of your dealing and relationship building.


Enhancing Community Business

March 20th, 2017

STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT. Enhancing Association Business (ECB) can abetment organisations with all facets of cardinal development including Cardinal Planning, Operational Effectiveness (systems reviews and development–HR, Quality Management, Agents Surveys, Communication), amplification of services, basement development, account and abutment modelling. Business Development, Accident Management, and Corporate Governance.

· MANAGEMENT SUPPORT. ECB can accommodate able abutment with Manager Mentoring and Coaching, Administration Skills Audits, Administration Practice Forums, Agents Performance Administration Systems.

· AGENCY RESOURCING. ECB can abetment agencies with Full Account or Business Unit Reviews, Unit Costing and Benchmarking Bureau Costs (internally and externally), and Analysing Administration Costs.

· PROJECT SUPPORT. ECB can bear able admonition with Project Administration Activities (including the development of new casework or the restructure or corruption of absolute services), and Abutment in Accessing Funding (through breakable autograph or admonition and bureau to bureau negotiations).

· EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT. ECB has developed a affiliation with a arch civic application firm. Together we can action Not-For-Profit agencies a specialised controlling Search and Application accurately advised for the animal casework sector. This account can be utilised to acquisition middle, chief or controlling managers for your organisation.

Andrew Williams

Enhancing Association Business was created by Andrew Williams who has spent over 22 years aural the Animal Casework sector. He has formed at all 3 levels of government as able-bodied as captivation controlling and accepted administration roles in a ample Civic Not-for-profit agency. Andrew’s accurate ability includes:

* Significant acquaintance accouterment short, medium, and continued appellation business strategies aural Animal Account Agencies.

* Significant acquaintance developing accident administration and added key business processes aural not-for-profit environments

* Significant acquaintance managing circuitous multi-site association based casework beyond ample bounded areas

* Significant acquaintance developing and advancing tenders and submissions

* Sigificant acquaintance in the development and appraisal of account activity models

* Significant acquaintance communicating and consulting with a ample cantankerous area of people, communities, and environments (government, account users, families, staff, boards of management, volunteers, etc)

Andrew Williams Enhancing Association Business was created by Andrew Williams who has spent over 22 years aural the Animal Casework sector. He has formed at all 3 levels of government as able-bodied as captivation controlling and accepted administration roles in a ample Civic Not-for-profit agency.

Communication Business Skills

February 22nd, 2017

Written business skills are vital because most people spend a great deal of time writing. People communicate through faxes, email, inter-office memos, white papers, proposals, resumes, reports, and many more. People spend hours in email communicating to staff members and even clients. Written communication business skills are important. You must know proper writing etiquette in the professional world.

Social networking is difficult for a lot of people. Not everyone good at making small talk, even though it is extremely important. Having the ability to socially network with other people in your industry is an advantage. In the professional world, it is all about who you know and if you can socially communicate well, you will be successful.

Speaking is another one of the business skills that comes easy for some and difficult for others. You might be required to give presentations to staff members or board members. If you have difficulty speaking in public or to groups, your message may not be delivered as you wish. The last thing you want is people focusing on your nervousness and not the message you are trying to convey.

Communication business skills include sales also. You must be able to sell if you want to be persuasive. Your job might not be selling any tangible item. However, you may need to convince management of ideas you might have or employees to help motivate them. The ability to sell something comes naturally for some, and is very uncomfortable for others. The ability to sell is a skill that can help people be very successful in the business world, and will take you far with your career if you can master this skill.

Negotiation is another business skill that is a must. You must have the ability to negotiate. If you cannot negotiate, you cannot work in management. You need to have the ability to negotiate a salary. If you cannot negotiate, you might be working for much less than the company would have been willing to pay you. Never settle for less. Negotiation skills allow you to help a company in many ways and a business will recognize someone with negotiation business skills as a big asset.

There are many business skills you need to be able to communicate effectively to staff, employees, and even vendors. Without the ability to communicate through writing, oral, sales, negotiation, and social networking you risk offending others, losing out on big deals, and more. Communication is one of the most important business skills you need to succeed and you need to be able to communicate in all of these ways in order to consider yourself a successful business person.